Where the music lives is where the Hailers live….Music with anthem-like, groove-driven, haunting melodies, structured to push ones boundaries, with a chemistry and vibe that transmits a magic, letting you know you’re alive!

The band’s logo, represents the energy and diversity that each player brings to the stage. Their live performances connect and move audiences with a gritty, real and thrilling, improvisational rush of energy and excitement, with every show taking on its own special persona and vibe.


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The Hailers Go Live! 

We apologize for the down time, but now our newly redesigned web site is ready for basic operations. We still have some work to do to get our music online, but the new framework will make that, and other additions much faster. We now have the ability to change things ourselves, not be dependent on a "computer guy" for updates.

New Web Site!  

Hey Hailers fans.  We are pleased to announce the opening of our new site. This site uses technology that will allow us the ability to keep it fresh with all the juicy bits of Hailers news that you have been craving. 

With this blog part of the Web Site,  you can post your own comments about your experiences with our band,  where you want us to play,  or ask us questions. 

We look forward to having you interact with us here.   Please feel free to share with your Facebook,  Twitter and other Social media friends.